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ARF 2020 | March 11th-13th | Amsterdam

At the Absolute Retail Form real brand stories get told, they do not have sales pitches nor bosses but leaders. Technology exhibits that matter, inspiring locations and of course pure retail experience.
Discover opportunity ahead and learn how retail leaders are shaping the future of retail. Understand how some brands become like to love. Technologies which are game changers (not) and much more.
ARF believes in the curiosity and willingness to innovate and create great brands. To achieve this, they are striving to bring you raw and real retail stories. They are confident that you will leave the forum hyped to innovate and sell more.

5 reasons why you should join the ARF 2020.

  1. Discover how leaders across the glove are accepting and resolving challenges while moving forward aggressively
  2. Learn and unlearn techniques & tactics you have been doing right and wrong fro sustainable success
  3. Evaluate which approach will help you create a Human centric experience and boosts overall sales
  4. Think and brainstorm along with other retailers to bring retail stores back to life
  5. Learn about next generations technology to enable responsible and revamped retail

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