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Display Power BI dashboards with MagicINFO

Knowledge is power! There are several software packages on the market that provide insight in your business data. These packages show the data in a smart and fancy way which allows you to make fundamental decisions. An example of software which is used by a market leader in business intelligence is Power BI byMicrosoft. This software allows you to create easy-understandable and very clear dashboards. These dashboards allow you to take a next step by taking a look at the created data, such as graphs and tables.Data from several sources are getting merged and visualized via the desktop or mobile app. But did you know that the dashboards are really coming alive when they are located on noticeable displays? Make your dashboards a daily topic with your colleagues to show the information real time on the Smart Signage displays from Samsung in combination with MagicINFO.  

Business data makes an impression
The results of a marketing campaign representing on the marketing department, the sales figures on the sales department or the order status on the production-department. You name it and Power BI can create a dashboard for you. You want your dashboard to be a part of a presentation with several business messages?Use MagicINFO Web Author to add your dashboard as a web-element within your own created template. You can even create a slideshow with the most relevant dashboards within your organization. If you wish to have a screen-filling webpage with a specific dashboard, then choose to show it as a webpage. With this option in MagicINFO it’s also possible to show multiple dashboards on one screen by using ‘frames’. Imagine, a 65-inch display divided in four parts where each part shows its own content. That doesn’t only make an impression, but your employees will be perfectly informed. 

Stable solution for critical business information
MagicINFO is a stable solution which allows data to be shown continuously.Besides that the Samsung Smart Signage displays saves the content till new content gets offered, there are several different possibilities to control if the right content gets shown. By using Remote Management you can fully control the display remotely. If a display gets switched off or doesn’t show the right content, you can use Remote Management to turn it back on again and show the right content. Besides that the system is monitoring when a display doesn’t work how it should, it allows you to receive notifications. By doing so you have full control over your displays and the shown content. 

Smart systems create smart people
Not only it’s possible to use MagicINFO to show dashboards, but MagicINFO can also generate data which is used by your business analytics tool. Allow Power BI to show the results of the content; when it gets shown, what gets shown and for how long and so on. So, what happens when you have two smart systems merged? An even smarter system will be created, a system that makes your smart people even smarter by providing them the right business data at the right time.