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EWQ introduces Electronic Shelf Label.

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a modern solution for flexible and up-to-date price communications. It is ideal for all kinds of shop environments thanks to the wide range of different sizes, templates and fastening solutions. The wireless system allows price changes, campaigns and the layout of the labels to be updated automatically. You can be confident that the prices displayed at the shelves are always the same as the prices at the checkout.

Electronic Shelf Labels make traditional paper labels and price tags obsolete, making handling of price information easier and fully controlled. Our wide range of Electronic Shelf Labels are available in different sizes, from small pegboard hooks to A4-sized labels, ideal for endcaps and campaign purposes. The labels have variable features such as LED-light indicator, RFID and freezer resistant. Electronic Shelf Labels can be designed in accordance with a specific brand, department or product category, with different colour, logos and fonts. The content displayed on the Electronic Shelf Labels can also be cost-efficiently divided into parts, allowing a single label to display multiple products’ price and product information.


Electronic Shelf Labels are updated wirelessly from the store’s POS system every time the price change, a campaign starts or ends or when you want to highlight a particular product. This way your price information is always up to date and manual mistakes are avoided. Having the same price on the shelves and at the checkout ensures customer satisfaction and builds trust, in addition to providing cost savings by reducing wastage and freeing up personnel for more productive tasks.

With dynamic pricing, you can react quickly to changes such as competitors’ price changes and customer purchase behaviour. By timing special prices, you can for example decrease the generation of food waste. Price information can also be automatically updated to large Digital Signage displays, increasing the products’ visibility and boosting customers’ shopping interest.

Furthermore, our Electronic Shelf Labels provide you with significant cost savings by eliminating the time spent on printing out expensive traditional paper labels and applying them to shelves. This will free up resources from manual pricing work for other in-store work and customer service. Most importantly you can rest assured that the prices on the shelves and the checkout are always consistent and always right.