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India sees sharp increase in pDOOH, says Times

Amid a nationwide expansion of DOOH, programmatic advertising is rapidly on the rise in India, as shown in data from the Times OOH, a provider and analyst of India OOH services, according to a press release.

Trends show advertisers moving from static OOH media to digital and include increasing use of transit hubs for pDOOH, including the Mumbai Metro and six airports over which Times OOH has exclusive OOH advertising rights, according to the release. In addition to the convenience of automation, advertisers are benefiting from enhanced ROI of targeted advertising along with the consumer data analytics provided by pDOOH campaigns.

“Post lockdown, the marketing initiatives have become highly targeted and result driven,” Aman Nanda, chief strategy officer at Times OOH, said in the release. “And with the advent of programmatic campaigns, the clients have the capability to critically plan and deeply analyze [their] impact, which has driven their confidence in the Indian OOH industry. At our airports and metro properties, we have witnessed an exponential growth of programmatic campaigns by various leading clients…DOOH is definitely an impression multiplier.”

Article by Digital Signage Today