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Unlock industry expertise, network with professionals, and explore new business opportunities.

About Global Signage Alliance

The Global Signage Alliance (GSA) is a not-for-profit industry trade association dedicated to promoting the different signage solutions that its members offer. As a collective of digital signage experts, we work hard to support the adoption of Samsung digital signage hardware and software, including SSSP, MagicINFO, and VXT, around the world. Our team combines forces to help realize the next generation of digital signage.

Global Signage Alliance Benefits

Joining GSA offers you unique opportunities to network with leading industry experts, present at major digital signage events, host webinars to share your expertise and latest products, and much more. Here are some of the main benefits of being a GSA member:

  1. Samsung Led Training Session in a Local Showroom: Based on availability, our team can organize tailored training sessions with the Samsung digital signage team for your and other members in a specific area. 
  2. Access to New Product Releases: Be the first to get all the details of the latest SSSP/MagicINFO product releases.
  3. Networking and Business Opportunities: Connect, share knowledge, and explore opportunities with our global members.
  4. Media exposure: Get featured in leading digital signage magazine(s) by contributing with editorial articles, case studies, and video materials which we can pitch to our media partners.
  5. GSA Partner Events: Be a part of leading tech and digital signage events representing the GSA as a speaker.
  6. GSA Webinars: Showcase your latest digital signage innovations through our targeted GSA webinars.
  7. Digital Showroom: Promote your digital signage products and services in the GSA Digital Showroom.
  8. Promotional Activities: Benefit from joint promotion activities via our targeted marketing campaigns across our marketing channels.
  9. Sponsor Packages: Utilize our sponsor packages for extra promotion of your product or service.
  10. Exclusive GSA Dinners and Meetings: Join exclusive member dinners and association meetings.
  11. Latest Updates: Stay informed about SSSP/MagicINFO products, solutions, technologies, and services.
  12. GSA Newsletter: Contribute to our monthly newsletter highlighting the latest market news and member updates.

Meet the GSA Team

Meet our passionate team of digital signage pioneers and experts: Mark Ossel, Chairman of the GSA board, Bastiaan Amsing, Treasurer of the GSA, Elly Kreijkes, Head of Events, and Radost Hristova, Operations & Marketing Officer. 

GSA Members in the Spotlight

Explore the extraordinary companies that form the GSA community, like ScreenCom, 4Infinity, Ameria, and more. Our team is actively working on creating valuable opportunities for our members. Here are some of the most exciting projects that we’ve worked on this year. 

  • Kevin Bierman, Keynote Speaker at ISE 2023 

Kevin Bierman, a member of the GSA and Head of Business at Moving Tactics, presented at the Integrated Systems Europe 2023. Kevin lead a Tech Talk, titled “Developing New Revenue Streams with Engaging Digital Signage”. You can read more about the session in our article here, on the ISE website, or in the media.

  • Debojit Das, Keynote Speaker at Integrate ME 2023

Debojit Das, a member of the GSA and Sales Director at FinesseTech, presented at Integrate Middle East 2023. Debojit’s standalone lecture dived into the topic of AI and the Digital Signage Industry and was visited by hundreds of digital signage experts and government officials during the event. Learn more about the lecture on the Integrate Middle East website.

  • Bastiaan Amsing, panelist at GITEX Africa 2023 

Bastiaan Amsing, one of the founding members of the GSA and CEO and Founder of ScreenCom, appeared on stage at GITEX AFRICA’s panel discussion. Alongside three other industry experts, Bastiaan dove into fascinating topics like ‘The AI Case for Access to Healthcare’, ‘Smart City Signage’, and ‘Intercultural Communication’. Find more details about the panel discussion on the GITEX Africa website.

  • Bastiaan Amsing, panel moderator at PIFA 2023 

Bastiaan Amsing, one of the founding members of the GSA and CEO and Founder of ScreenCom, will moderate the panel discussion at the Pro Integration Future Asia 2023. During the session, Bastiaan will take part in the exciting discussion about How to Monetize Your Digital Signage Investment. Learn more on the PIFA website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to your questions about the Global Signage Alliance and discover how joining can benefit your business or organization.

1. What is the Global Signage Alliance (GSA)?

The Global Signage Alliance is a not-for-profit industry trade association that promotes the digital signage solutions of its members. We are committed to the support and adoption of Samsung’s digital signage hardware and software worldwide. For more information, visit our About Us page.

2. How can I join the GSA?

Joining the GSA is simple. Just click on the ‘Join Us’ button on our website, fill in the required details, and hit submit. Our team will then get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

3. Who are the members of the GSA?

The GSA members are global companies specializing in digital signage solutions. This includes system integrators, AV companies, and digital signage solutions developers. They come from all corners of the world, including the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the USA, Spain, UAE, Poland, France, Martinique, Norway, South Africa, Finland, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.

4. What are the benefits of joining the GSA?

Joining GSA offers you numerous benefits such as networking opportunities, access to the latest updates about SSSP/MagicINFO products, contribution to the monthly GSA newsletter, benefit from joint promotional activities, participation in partner events, exclusive member dinners, and meetings, showcasing your innovations, promotion in the GSA digital showroom, and use of our sponsor packages.

5. What activities can I expect as a member of the GSA?

As a member, you can expect a range of activities like networking opportunities, attending and speaking at partner events, showcasing your digital signage innovations, contributing to our monthly newsletter, and joining our exclusive member dinners and meetings.

6. What role can I play at GSA partner events?

At GSA partner events, members can participate as delegates and exhibitors, or even represent the Global Signage Alliance as speakers. These events are excellent platforms for showcasing your latest digital signage innovations and networking with industry experts.

7. What kind of products and services can I promote in the GSA Digital Showroom?

Members can promote any digital signage products and services in the GSA Digital Showroom, as long as they align with the goals and standards of the GSA. Contact us for more information at

8. How can I contribute to the monthly GSA newsletter?

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute articles, news, updates, or case studies to our monthly newsletter. Simply submit your content to our team for review and inclusion in an upcoming issue. 

9. What are the details of the sponsor packages?

Our sponsor packages are designed to offer extra promotion of your products or services within the GSA and to our external audience. For details about our sponsor packages, please contact our marketing team at