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Becoming a member of the Global Signage Alliance (GSA) offers a wide range of valuable opportunities for professionals and businesses in the digital signage industry. As a GSA member, you gain access to a global network of industry experts, opening doors to new business prospects and collaborations. Members also enjoy exclusive access to product releases, media exposure through publications, and speaking opportunities at partner events. 

Showcase your products and services through our marketing campaigns, sponsor packages, or at exclusive dinners and meetings to further enhance your visibility and connections within the industry. With the support of dedicated leaders, like Chairman Mark Ossel, and a thriving community of innovative companies, our members consistently excel at prominent industry events, demonstrating the GSA’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in digital signage. Join today to become a part of this dynamic global network!

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Ngine Networks

Ngine Networks is an independent software vendor providing SaaS solutions: digital signage solution for connected monitors & app as a service for the SVoD industry.
First Impression Logo

First Impression

First Impression transforms brands and events with innovative high-technology, creativity & passion, crafting mind-blowing, heart-driven sensations.
Spectro:o Logo


Spectro:o is an intuitive and easy-to-integrate digital signage platform that helps you manage and distribute visual content on an unlimited number of screens.
Global Access Logo

Global Access

Global Access excels in innovative custom tech solutions, ensuring your message hits the mark every time, backed by 25+ years of innovation and expertise.
NoviSign Logo


NoviSign specializes in digital signage software, offering expert guidance and innovative tools to improve how brands visually communicate effectively.
SDS Solutions Logo

SDS Solutions

SDS Solutions: Transforming data into action with expertise in Visualization and IoT, optimizing processes for enhanced productivity and cost savings.
Haco Digital Logo

Haco Digital

Haco Digital: Leading in physical advertising, providing diverse options like light boxes and advertising masts, coupled with complete in-house services.
Agile Display Solutions Logo

Agile Display Solutions

Agile Display Solutions builds top-tier LCD displays by combining exceptional engineering with manufacturing expertise for market-leading products.
Adaptable Logo


Adaptable develops unforgettable experiences by bringing technology and science together to design unique solutions for organizations.
Creative Realities Logo

Creative Realities

Creative Realities: Leading digital signage solutions provider, offering innovative CMS, ad monetization, and tech-agnostic, scalable solutions across North America.
Puuridee Logo


Puuridee offers a comprehensive approach to marketing strategy and design, fostering creativity and delivering successful campaigns and targeted strategies.
The Scientific Center of Kuwait Logo

The Scientific Center of Kuwait

Advances knowledge and discovery through research and education, fostering innovation in science, and promoting scientific awareness.
Branding AV Solutions Logo

Branding AV Solutions

Branding AV Solutions crafts standout brands with audiovisual expertise, creating memorable customer experiences in Retail, Hospitality, and Corporate.
PADS4 Logo


PADS4 offers smart digital building solutions, enhancing efficiency, well-being, and passenger flow, with flexible module integration for optimal performance.
OmniChannel Logo


OmniChannel are experts in hardware, software, AI, audio, video systems, and digital signage, seamlessly enhancing IoT connectivity solutions.
Wisar Digital Logo

Wisar Digital

Wisar Digital specializes in custom data integrations for Digital Signage, simplifying connectivity between CMS and 3rd-party systems for diverse needs.
Kerve Logo


Kerve is a digital studio crafting interactive experiences, blending creativity and technical prowess to design websites and world-firsts for global brands.
DataPost Logo


DataPost specialises in Digital Signage, Queue Management, and Interactive solutions, streamlining content management, publishing and distribution.
MyLED Logo


MyLED, an advertising agency in Poland, specializes in DOOH campaigns on an integrated network of digital LED screens, part of Jet Line group.
Syntegra Logo


Syntegra Partners: The next-gen system integrators with event industry expertise, offering proven technology solutions tailored to every budget and location.
Cenera Logo


Cenera provides tailored digital signage solutions, delivering targeted messages to your desired audiences with dynamic and up-to-date information.
Finesse Tech Logo


FinesseTech connects international AV software vendors and customers with local expertise, delivering tailored AV solutions for seamless integration.
Luke Dorasamy Industries Logo

Luke Dorasamy

LD Industries specializes in high-quality, customized signage solutions, combining industry expertise and and the latest industry trends to deliver exceptional service.
Jackel IT Logo

Jaeckel IT

Badger Labs Logo

Badger Labs

Upper Solutions Logo

Upper Solutions

Upper Solutions excels in ICT consulting and Computer Security, covering perimeter security and data integrity, aligning technology with unique business needs.
Moving Tactics Logo

Moving Tactics

Moving Tactics leads South Africa in digital signage and retail analytics, delivering innovation for exceptional customer experiences and brand success.
Caritel Logo


CARITEL: Your digital signage partner for multimedia content delivery, hardware, and strategic communication solutions with 30+ years of industry leadership.
EmbedDigital Logo


Embed Digital transforms communication with dynamic digital signage, offering cost-effective, attention-grabbing, and modern ways to engage audiences.


Signethics: Switzerland’s premier digital signage experts, combining Signage and Ethic for tailored, effective retail and corporate communication solutions.
Raydiant Logo


Raydiant is a leading in-location experience platform for the world’s largest restaurants, retail, hospitality, banking, and renowned global brands.
Handy AV Logo

Handy AV

Handy AV creates seamless, professional AV solutions for technology-led spaces, fostering connections, and enabling impactful storytelling experiences.
OnTech Logo


OnTech excels in seamlessly integrating Samsung’s digital signage solutions, serving as a valued strategic partner to global industry leaders.
4infinity Logo


4infinity offers global Digital Lifestyle Solutions with local support, ensuring budget predictability and personalized customer engagement.
EWQ Logo


A Finnish leader in digital in-store communication and queue management, with 20+ years of experience, serving Nordic and international markets.
DVC Logo


DVC specializes in flags, cloths, and signage, offering high-quality products, innovation, and professional service for indoor and outdoor advertising.
ScreenCom Logo


ScreenCom offers creative signage solutions with strong tech foundations, fueling business growth through innovative MagicINFO expertise and passion.