Interview: Bjørn Pieper at EDGE Computing Expo 2023


Experience Bjørn Pieper’s Exclusive Insights into the EDGE Computing Expo in Amsterdam. Discover the latest developments in the world of digital signage and its convergence with edge computing through the eyes of Bjørn Pieper, a key member of the Global Signage Alliance (GSA). Gain invaluable knowledge as Bjørn shares his thoughts about the event and its significance to GSA members. 


What were your key takeaways from the EDGE Computing Expo 2023 in Amsterdam?

Bjørn: “The first observation was that there is a lot of synergy between the event and our space in which we as Global Signage Alliance members roam, which is mostly digital signage. We all wrestle with challenges related to AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and the standardizations around these.


“The second thing that comes to mind is that while data is crucial, how it’s presented often lacks clarity. We all know that the answers lay in the data gathered. As a result, companies were showing complicated graphs and tables filled with information. This, however, is not the same as sharing information.


“Lastly, many companies operate in isolation, like on an island. However, I see potential opportunities for Global Signage Alliance members.”

In your opinion, what was the most impressive aspect of the EDGE Computing Expo 2023?

Bjørn: “The openness of the event struck me. People were really open to engaging in conversation which made establishing contacts with vendors and end-clients–of which there were many–was not difficult. Everyone was eager to interact, making networking a breeze. Moreover, due to the fact that there were different tracks like edge computing, AI, and big data, there was also a good mixture of audiences.”


What did you like about the event? Was there anything you didn’t like about the event?


Bjørn: “The event’s size and focus on digital transformation were spot on. While it was not on the same scale as ISE or IBC, I enjoyed the blend of deep tech dives and real-world project presentations. There were different presentation tracks with various backgrounds but with the common theme of Digital Transformation. Also, the mixture of real deep dives into technology and presentations on actual projects, mostly done by the end-user, made the event have something for everyone.

Bjorn Pieper as Moderator at EDGE Computing Expo 2023

“There was nothing not to like about the event itself. The only thing that could be improved is the event app which contains the agenda. Due to the fact that there was action on 6-7 stages at once, the calendar was quite complicated, meaning that you could easily miss half a presentation. Perhaps I should’ve planned better!”


What would you say are the benefits for CEOs to attend the EDGE Computing Expo?


Bjørn: “EDGE Computing Expo offers a lens into an adjacent market with many similar challenges and opportunities. Creating alliances is vital for future growth. I believe that neighboring companies will soon turn into roommates. This in turn would push markets to converge and get closer to each other.”


What would you say was the biggest benefit of attending the event as a member of the Global Signage Alliance?


Bjørn: “As the challenges and clients are similar, collaboration is key! No company alone can solve the digital transformation needed. Partnerships are required. In the same way, we see Global Signage Alliance members, like Datapost and Bisner partner up with Samsung as a platform making a compelling offer to the market.


“My advice is to find alliances, build a network, and go together. This event is a mixture of technology providers and end-clients sharing their pain. By connecting with both tech providers and clients, Global Signage Alliance members can shape effective market strategies.”

Finally, we heard that you’ll also attend the EDGE Computing Expo in London. What are your thoughts about that?


Bjørn: “Correct! I’ll be participating in the IoT track, part of a Round Table discussion. For me, IoT, or the Information of Things, presents vast opportunities, especially in the digital signage domain. I’m eager to explore more interactive use cases and ascertain the most immediate returns on investment as a Digital Transformation and Signage Specialist in a bi-directional data provider. 


(left to right) Cristina Duta, Director of Intelligent Automation, AECOM, Hana Duchackova, Head of Global Strategic Intelligence & Data, Deloitte, Gurpinder Gill, Lead Platform Enterprise Architect – Industrial Edge, IoT & Automation, A.P. Moller – Maersk, and Bjørn Pieper, Senior Consultant Data Visualization, Datapost Pty


“We generate tons of data. In the digital signage market, for example, based on the location we already see advertising shown to the audience onboard boats and buses. In my opinion, we can do more on the interaction and there are many other use cases. But what case is most imminent? Where can the shortest return on investment be made? I hope to find answers during the EDGE Computing Expo in London.”


About Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions


Bjørn Pieper is a renowned consultant, who empowers global companies to leverage data for actionable insights. With decades of experience, he has helped retail, airports, manufacturing, and logistics companies achieve cost savings and process optimization through data utilization. Bjørn is a board member of Pardos Conservation and advisor to Bisner and VideowindoW.


He is associated with SDS Solutions, focusing on data-driven transformation through Visualization and IoT. With extensive expertise in Digital Communications, Building Automation, Airport Systems, and Process Optimization, SDS Solutions offers tailored solutions to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Previously, as Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer at Net Display Systems, Bjørn played a key role in establishing Smart Digital Signage solutions worldwide, benefiting top brands.