The GSA – A Year in Review: From ISE Highlights to Successful Case Studies

GSA Recap 2023

The digital signage market witnessed an impressive milestone in 2023, reaching an astounding valuation of $33 billion. This remarkable growth reflects the rapidly evolving landscape of digital communication and advertising technologies. In tandem with this global market surge, the Global Signage Alliance (GSA) too, achieved notable success throughout the year.


Our alliance’s accomplishments in 2023 have not only marked a year of fruitful endeavors but also laid a foundation for a stronger and more dynamic 2024. As we look back, it’s evident that 2023 was a significant one filled with accomplishments and successful partnerships.


Biggest milestones for the GSA in 2023

  • ISE2023 Highlights
  • Other Event Partnerships
  • Webinars by Samsung and Our Members
  • Case Studies
  • Expanding the community (members and team)
  • GSA in the Media


ISE2023 Highlights 

We enjoy a very strong start to 2023 thanks to our media partnership with ISE. Our team attended the event as exhibitors and had our own stand where we positioned ourselves as the digital signage community for experts. Not only that but one of our members was on stage talking about how the GSA has helped his company expand his business and the lessons he learned from being a GSA member. Continue reading and find out more about our participation at ISE2023.

Samsung Seminar Co-Presented by GSA

In partnership with Samsung, the GSA co-presented a seminar at the heart of Hall 3 in the Samsung booth space. This exclusive event was part of a series of invite-only seminars organized by the tech giant, offering a private tour of their booth to pre-registered attendees. During the session, GSA members from across the world were gathered to learn the latest developments in regard to VXT.


If you’re looking to learn more for the lecture with Bastiaan Amsing check out this article.

Tech Talk by Kevin Bierman from Moving Tactics

Kevin Bierman, Head of Business for Moving Tactics and one of the most active GSA members, delivered a compelling Tech Talk. Titled “Developing New Revenue Streams with Engaging Digital Signage,” Bierman shared insights on revenue generation in the digital signage industry and how GSA knowledge can be applied in South Africa. More insights of the lecture here.


Kevin Bierman from Moving Tactics at ISE 2023
Kevin Bierman from Moving Tactics at ISE 2023


GSA Member Meeting

The annual GSA Member Meeting took place on February 1st, bringing together members from around the world to network and share updates. During this event, Moving Tactics, a co-sponsor, introduced their new solution, Sensmi, which garnered great interest and excitement.


GSA members during the Annual Member Meeting in Barcelona, Spain
GSA members during the Annual Member Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

New GSA Members & Potential Partnerships

ISE2023 welcomed five new members to the GSA: Raydiant, CENERA, AMERIA, Syntegra Partners, and MyLED. These new additions further strengthened the alliance and opened up new possibilities for potential partnerships.

GSA Webinars 

In 2023, the GSA hosted 6 engaging and informative webinars, focusing on cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the digital signage sphere. These webinars played a crucial role in sharing knowledge, showcasing new products, and exploring innovative strategies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting ones:


  • VXT Live Demo Webinar
  • VXT Webinar – Masterclass with Samsung and ScreenCom
  • Sensmi Webinar by Moving Tactics
  • VXT Webinar – Insights from Samsung’s TIZEN event

VXT Live Demo Webinar

Samsung conducted an exclusive live demo webinar, providing a comprehensive overview of VXT, a next-generation Content Management System (CMS). The session dived into the advanced features of VXT and shared practical tips and tricks directly from Samsung experts.

VXT Webinar – Masterclass with Samsung and ScreenCom

Pete Colquitt from Samsung and Wybren Jongstra from ScreenCom led a masterclass webinar, focusing on the capabilities of VXT, Samsung’s latest CMS. The session provided in-depth strategies and insights synthesized from the expertise of Samsung and ScreenCom, aimed at boosting business efficacy.

Sensmi Webinar – Moving Tactics Innovation

An important webinar introduced Sensmi, an innovative analytics solution by Moving Tactics that empowers GSA members by integrating sensor and audience measurement technologies to enhance in-store engagement. The session highlighted how Sensmi bridges the gap between digital and traditional physical stores, offering real-time tracking, recording, and reporting methods.


SENSMI Webinar
SENSMI Webinar by Ray Smeda, left and Wesley Johnston, right

VXT Webinar – Insights from Samsung’s TIZEN Event

This exclusive session offered a deep dive into the developments unveiled at Samsung’s TIZEN event. Attendees gained insights into the advancements in Samsung’s TIZEN platform, presented by Pete Colquitt and Isaac Noh.


Each webinar organized by the GSA contributed to the knowledge and skills of its members while fostering innovation, education, and collaboration within the digital signage community.


The LOOKBEYOND23 virtual digital signage conference, as a pivotal event in our industry, brought together hundreds of participants to engage with revolutionary insights from internationally renowned experts. The GSA was proud to be part of the organizations behind this landmark event, contributing to a vibrant community and fostering an ecosystem of knowledge and innovation. Here are some key highlights from LOOKBEYOND23:


  • Digital Signage Monetization Strategies Panel
  • Digital Signage and Technologies
  • The Future of CMS with Samsung: VXT and MagicINFO
  • Digital Signage and Innovation

Digital Signage Monetization Strategies Panel

Industry leaders Bastiaan Amsing, Bjørn Pieper, and Mikael Krogius participated in a panel discussion on digital signage monetization strategies. The panellists shared diverse perspectives on advertising and leveraging analytics for ROI, providing attendees with valuable strategies to drive revenue.




Digital Signage and Technologies

Ivo Wouters from Nexmosphere showcased their proprietary sensor platform, demonstrating its ability to create interactive experiences and integrate seamlessly with Samsung’s MagicINFO for dynamic content adjustment. This session highlighted the potential of smart technology in enhancing digital signage.

The Future of CMS with Samsung: VXT and MagicINFO

Pete Colquitt from Samsung led a session on VXT and MagicINFO, modern content management systems. The session offered an in-depth look and practical demonstration of VXT, emphasizing its ease of use in content creation and management. Colquitt also discussed the role of the PIRS program in the digital signage industry.

Digital Signage and Innovation

A panel discussion on the integration of AI, VR, and AR into digital signage featured Bjørn Pieper, Hana Duchackova, Dinesh Singh, and Marco van Eijk. The panellists explored innovative applications of these technologies for immersive customer experiences.


LOOKBEYOND23 set a high benchmark for digital signage conferences, solidifying a knowledge-rich community for professionals. Exclusive access to recordings of the live sessions was made available to registered attendees, further enriching the digital signage community.


Other Events & Partnerships

The Global Signage Alliance participated in various events and formed strategic partnerships throughout the year, further enhancing its impact in the digital signage industry. Here are some noteworthy events and partnerships:


  • EDGE Computing Expo
  • GITEX Africa
  • Integrate ME

EDGE Computing Expo

Bjørn Pieper, a member of the GSA and CEO at SDS Solutions, presented at the EDGE Computing Expo 2023. He was the moderator for the panel about Intelligent Automation – Shaping the Next Generation of Industry because of his decades-long expertise in digital signage. The discussion was witnessed by hundreds of IT experts.


EDGE Computing Expo

GITEX Africa

Bastiaan Amsing, one of the founding members of the GSA and CEO and Founder of ScreenCom, participated in the panel discussion at the GITEX AFRICA 2023. During the session, Bastiaan took part in an exciting discussion about The AI Case for Access to Healthcare, Smart City Signage and Intercultural Communication.


GITEX Africa 2023

Integrate ME 

Debojit Das, a member of the GSA and Sales Director at FinesseTech, presented at Integrate Middle East 2023. Debojit’s standalone lecture dived into the topic of AI and the Digital Signage Industry and was visited by hundreds of digital signage experts and government officials during the event. 


GSA at Digital Signage Events

Expanding the GSA Community

The Global Signage Alliance welcomed more than 40 new members in 2023, further expanding our network and expertise. The addition of new members such as Creative Realities, PADS4, Branding AV Solutions, Adaptable, Haco Digital, Wisar, and Omnichannel enriched the alliance, driving collaboration and innovation in the digital signage industry. The diverse range of members brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise, fostering a vibrant community within the GSA.


Successful Case Studies

One of the most remarkable success stories in our digital signage community this year comes from HYGH, an innovative digital outdoor advertising company based in Germany. HYGH’s journey is a testament to how cutting-edge digital signage solutions can revolutionize advertising, especially in the realm of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) services.


​​One of our founding members, ScreenCom shared their successful case study of implementing MagicINFO for HYGH, a German company that has emerged as a forerunner in the DOOH sector, offering targeted, affordable, and rapid advertising solutions. Their operations span across seven major German cities including Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, München, Düsseldorf, and Stuttgart. HYGH’s innovative approach involves providing 100% moving content for advertising campaigns, which has been shown to yield better results compared to traditional methods. Want to learn more? Download your FREE copy of the case study here.


A Year Filled with Milestones

2023 has been a year of growth and achievements for the Global Signage Alliance (GSA). From significant presence at ISE2023 to hosting engaging webinars and participating in the LOOKBEYOND23 conference, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation, education, and collaboration within the digital signage community. The addition of new members further highlights the alliance’s impact in shaping the digital signage sector. 


As we look forward to 2024, the GSA remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and pushing the boundaries of digital signage. The alliance will continue to empower its members, nurture partnerships, and explore cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of the digital signage industry. Make the step forward and join the Global Signage Alliance today!