GSA at ISE 2024: Recap and Highlights

Global Signage Alliance (GSA) at ISE2024

We started the year with a bang by attending the biggest digital signage event in Europe, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), as media partners. As such, our team not only got access to the conference but also our very own booth where we could meet existing members and welcome news ones. 

GSA at ISE2024 Highlights 

Without further ado, here are the key highlights from the Global Signage Alliance presence at ISE 2024: 


– Global Signage Alliance Booth

– GSA Annual Member Dinner

– GSA Member on stage alongside Samsung

– GSA Members exhibiting at ISE 2024

– New Members


Global Signage Alliance Booth at ISE2024

At ISE2024, we had a 12-square-meter booth situated in the hearth of the Congress Hall, next to all other media partners, allowing our members to easily find us and say hello during the event. As part of our media partnership, our team received exhibitor tickets to the show and all our members got free visitor tickets to the exhibition.

To make things all the more magical this year, we hired a professional entertainer for our booth, Sieko the corporate magician. His routine brought many people to the booth and started memorable conversations with existing and new members.


Annual GSA Member meeting 2024

But there was more! Since the majority of our members travel across the globe to visit ISE each year, we took the opportunity to organize a GSA member-only dinner during the show. 

We were joined by a few dozen digital signage professionals from around the world as well as representatives from the Samsung European Display Organisation (EDO) team. And to make things all the more exciting, we had Sieko, the corporate magician, perform his parlor show at the start of dinner.

Global Signage Alliance (GSA) Annual Member Meeting during ISE 2024

We know that all our members are incredibly busy during the show, hence, we organized the meeting in such a way that everyone could join and make the most of it. 

To do that, we had scheduled a networking reception between 18:00 and 19:00, followed by a speech from Mark Ossel, Chairman of the GSA board. 

After that, Sieko performed several tricks and awed us all before we proceeded with dinner. During the next couple of hours, we encouraged everyone to go around the room and enjoy the company of like-minded digital signage experts.

GSA Founding Member on Stage Alongside Samsung at ISE2024

At ISE2024, the Global Signage Alliance surpassed another huge milestone-having one of our members on the main stage, alongside other leading digital signage experts. 

Thanks to our partnership with invidis, Bastiaan Amsing, founding member of the GSA and CEO or ScreenCom, was invited on stage to talk about Software & Platforms – How VXT is Transforming the Digital Signage Software Market next to Simon Jackson, Vice President, EDO at Samsung Europe and Bertrand Issard, CEO and Co-Founder of Ngine Networks.


The session provided a deep dive into the Samsung VXT signage software, a full-stack digital signage content management solution that is designed to help SMB’s achieve their digital signage goals with ease.

The signage experts talked about the key features like immediate license accessibility, simplified content creation, and effortless deployment


Our Members at ISE2024

We’re very proud of our members and the work they do in the industry. Many of our members are leading experts in their fields and as such had different involvement at the ISE2024 show. In the below paragraphs, we’ll briefly tell you about some of the member’s activities during the event.

Kerve Creative took the stage to present at ISE2024 on the topic “Engaging Experiences – Using Gen AI across Content, Hardware and Software”, where Dominic Bradbury, Director of Kerve, showcased their expertise in creating immersive and interactive digital environments. Their presentation demonstrated the power of Generative AI in enhancing digital experiences.

Furthermore, one of the GSA board members, EWQ, made their mark with the presentation of the EWQ Queue Management System at the Samsung booth. The company demonstrated its innovative solution on a Samsung kiosk within the VXT area, highlighting the seamless integration of queue management technology with the giant’s advanced digital signage solutions. 


Our goal at the Global Signage Alliance is to encourage knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for all our members. And one such way to do this is by helping them get on stage at leading digital signage events.

Warm Welcome to the Newest GSA Members 

The ISE show is arguably one of the busiest periods for all digital signage experts. From conference lectures to networking dinners and cocktails, everyone’s agenda was fully booked in. During ISE2024, we were able to welcome a few new members to our global community of digital signage experts. A warm welcome to our latest members:

Looking ahead to the future, our ambition is to expand the GSA membership to 65 by the end of the year. In pursuit of this goal, we’re actively forging partnerships with various international industry events to provide our members with a range of valuable perks such as free tickets and speaker opportunities. 

Furthermore, we’re enhancing our organizational visibility through media partnerships, so don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates!

Interesting News From ISE 2024

This year was monumental for Integrated Systems Europe, as it shattered attendance records with an incredible 73,891 attendees hailing from 162 different countries – a remarkable 27% increase from the previous year. 

ISE showcased the latest and greatest in AV technology and systems integration, staggering 95,396 registrations and 172,627 visits, which demonstrated unprecedented growth within the industry. 

The peak day alone brought 51,617 visitors, setting a new record for ISE. Spanning over 82,000 square meters and featuring 1,408 exhibitors, the event boasted the largest floor area in its history. 


ISE2024 – Another Successful Partnership for the GSA

Our entire team is beyond grateful for yet another successful ISE. We couldn’t be prouder of our members, some of which were on stage, others attended as exhibitors or simply visitors that came to say hi to our booth. 

We, at the Global Signage Alliance, will continue our hard work to maintain this association where like-minded digital signage experts can grow together through various types of activities such as strategic partnerships with events and the media, as well as our own networking and learning opportunities.

Not a member yet? Let’s change that, you can join the GSA by filling out the form below. After that, one of our team members will contact you to make things official.  Be a part of a global digital signage community and learn from industry leaders!