LOOKBEYOND23 Most Important Synthesised | Highlights and Action Items

Bastiaan lookbeyond23

LOOKBEYOND23 is over! What a journey!


Hundreds of people tuned in live to listen to revolutionary insights from internationally renowned experts in our industry at the virtual digital signage conference. This event featured compelling sessions led by experts, designed to empower participants with the necessary knowledge to navigate the ever-changing digital signage industry.


The Global Signage Alliance team is deeply grateful and amazed by the vibrant community we have collectively established. 


Not Able To Attend LOOKBEYOND23? Here is What You Should Know…

In the first edition of LOOKBEYOND23, we had 22 insightful sessions, each packed with strategies and actionable insights. From experts at GSA and ScreenCom to renowned speakers from prestigious companies like:

  • Samsung
  • Deloitte
  • Handy AV
  • EWQ
  • Puuridee

Below you can find a summary of the key highlights and action items from the sessions:


Digital Signage and Technologies

In an enlightening session, Ivo Wouters, co-founder and Director of Product at Nexmosphere, demonstrated how their proprietary sensor platform can revolutionize digital signage. Nexmosphere’s technology offers the unique ability to create impactful interactive experiences that captivate audiences. By integrating Nexmosphere’s advanced sensor solutions with Samsung’s MagicINFO, users can now automate and dynamically adjust content to be displayed at the most strategic moments, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.


Drawing on over a decade of experience in Industrial and UX Design, his strategic vision for product development is not only reflected in the interactive technologies he helps create but also in the actionable insights he provided during LOOKBEYOND23. Wouter illustrated the powerful potential of smart technology in enhancing digital signage strategies.



Digital Signage Monetisation Strategies | How to Navigate Growth

The panel on monetisation strategies brought together three industry experts, providing a dynamic and insightful discussion on the financial aspects of digital signage. Moderated by Mark Ossel, Chairman of the Global Signage Alliance (GSA), the session brought together Bastiaan Amsing, Treasurer of the GSA and CEO of ScreenCom, Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions, and Mikael Krogius, CTO of EWQ. Each contributed their unique perspective on driving revenue in the digital signage ecosystem.


Panellist feedback highlighted the richness of the dialogue, sharing, “It was great to discuss monetisation with three top industry experts.” This exchange of diverse views shed light on the multifaceted nature of monetisation, from advertising to content management and leveraging analytics for greater ROI. Attendees gained further actionable strategies to navigate the competitive landscape and identify new revenue streams for their businesses.


All the panellists had a profound comprehension of the economic aspects of digital signage, providing a comprehensive look at current trends and future possibilities. The session underscored the significance of diverse, informed perspectives when crafting effective monetisation strategies, equipping participants with knowledge to turn their digital signage ventures into profitable enterprises.


The Future of CMS with Samsung: VXT and MagicINFO

In a session that peeled back the layers of modern content management systems, Pete Colquitt, Project Lead for MagicINFO and VXT at Samsung Electronics, provided an in-depth look at VXT and MagicINFO. Pete’s presentation included a practical demonstration that illustrated how VXT serves as a comprehensive interface for connecting digital signage displays and facilitating content creation.


Pete showcased its robust capabilities in simplifying the complexities of digital signage operations. This hands-on demo offered a tangible look at how VXT’s intuitive design and functionality can empower users to craft and manage content with ease.


Furthermore, Pete touched on the pivotal aspects of the PIRS programme, highlighting its role in the digital signage industry.


Key takeaways from the session:

  • An understanding of the VXT platform and how to integrate it with digital signage systems.
  • Insights into the creative potential unlocked by VXT’s content creation tools.
  • An overview of the PIRS programme and what it means for the digital signage space.


Digital Signage and Innovation: Artificial intelligence AI, Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR

Another highlight of LOOKBEYOND23 was the panel discussion focusing on the integration of AI, VR, and AR into digital signage. With experts like Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions, Hana Duchackova, Intelligent Automation and Robotization at Deloitte, Dinesh Singh, Marketing Director at Matchday Central, and Marco van Eijk, Regional Director EMEA at Agile Display Solutions, this conversation showcased the innovative ways these technologies can be leveraged for immersive customer experiences.


Final Thoughts: The Ripple Effect of LOOKBEYOND23

The discussions and connections made during LOOKBEYOND23 continue to have a wave effect in the digital signage community as the curtains gradually close on the event. We remain committed to fostering an ecosystem where creativity and commerce converge seamlessly.


Looking now at the LOOKBEYOND23, it has set the bar high for digital signage conferences, offering a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant community for professionals. For those who missed the live event, we invite you to delve into the key takeaways. If you registered for the event but were unable to attend, please contact us for exclusive access to the session recordings. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to mark your calendars for the next big event!



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