Why LOOKBEYOND23 is a Must-Visit Digital Signage Event For Industry Experts

LOOKBEYOND23 x GSA Partnership

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of digital signage! Look no further than LOOKBEYOND23, the ultimate virtual conference designed to connect, inform, and inspire individuals and organizations in the digital signage industry. In collaboration with industry leaders like Samsung Electronics, ScreenCom, MagicInfo Services, and the Global Signage Alliance (GSA), LOOKBEYOND23 is set to be an extraordinary event that will redefine the future of the digital signage industry.


Steering  The Space with LOOKBEYOND23: A Must-Visit Digital Signage Event

This is not just any ordinary event; it is the first-ever VXT & MagicINFO event in the industry. But that’s not all! Our team has partnered with LOOKBEYOND marking a pivotal moment in shaping the future of digital signage. Join us for a virtual experience like no other, where we dive deep into content creation, technology, innovation, and so much more. Get ready to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in the digital signage industry.


LOOKBEYOND23 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

LOOKBEYOND is gathering some of the best experts in the digital signage space, top MagicINFO and VXT pros as well as industry thought leaders. They will provide you with a valuable understanding in:


  • How to monetize and optimize your digital signage investment reaping substantial financial benefits;
  • How to identify cybersecurity threats, best practices for secure network design, and the importance of regulatory compliance in a world where data protection is non-negotiable;
  • How to devise content strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, incorporate the principles of visual design, and leverage the power of interactive elements;
  • How to implement energy-efficient systems, sustainable materials, and eco-conscious policies embracing green initiatives in digital signage; and
  • How emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and the Internet of Things, will impact digital signage systems.


At LOOKBEYOND23, you can expect tailored sessions that cater to professionals at all levels. From deep-dive lectures to engaging panel discussions and how-to sessions, there is something for everyone. Industry leaders as well as MagicINFO and VXT experts will share their expertise, providing invaluable knowledge and insights.


Secure Your Seat: Register For LOOKBEYOND23 Now

Secure your spot for the remarkable chance to participate in LOOKBEYOND23 – the indispensable digital signage event. Enjoy access to a wide range of captivating sessions, engaging discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. Seize this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and position yourself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital signage industry.


To register, visit the LOOKBEYOND23 registration page.


Meet the Minds Shaping Tomorrow at LOOKBEYOND23’s Expert-Led Sessions – Honourable Mentions 

We’ve gathered a team of digital signage experts from Samsung, ScreenCom, MagicInfo Services, and, of course, some of our members who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Here’s who you can expect to hear from:


Bastiaan Amsing, CEO of ScreenCom

Bastiaan Amsing, CEO of ScreenCom 


Bastiaan, the founder of IT company ScreenCom and co-owner of PuurIDee, a marketing and communication company, boasts over 12 years of experience in the signage industry. He serves as an active board member of the Global Signage Alliance, a global not-for-profit industry trade association committed to promoting and enhancing the utilisation of future-proof digital signage solutions. With his extensive expertise, Bastiaan is a valuable asset in driving innovation and progress in the field.







Peter Colquitt, Business Development Manager and Project Lead at Samsung Electronics

Peter Colquitt


Peter Colquitt, an experienced professional with over 15 years in the tech industry, has established himself as a prominent figure in the field. He currently holds the positions of Business Development Manager and Project Lead for MagicINFO and VXT at Samsung Electronics. Peter began his career at Samsung as a regional trainer in the mid-2000s and has since demonstrated an exceptional understanding of technology and a dedicated focus on the digital signage industry.








Dr. Johannes Tröger, Senior Vice President Strategy & Business Development at AMERIA

Dr. Johannes Troger


Since joining AMERIA in 2014, Dr. Johannes Tröger has made a significant impact on retail and various industries. His projects in business development, partner management, and sales have been highly influential. Driven by a true dedication to innovating human-machine interfaces, he has played a key role in propelling gesture control into global recognition. Furthermore, he champions gesture control as a fun, swift, convenient, safe, and sometimes the only viable solution.








Bjørn Pieper, CEO of SDS Solutions

Bjorn Pieper


Bjørn Pieper, a renowned consultant with extensive experience, has played a crucial role in assisting diverse industries such as retail and airports in leveraging data for valuable insights, cost reductions, and streamlined processes. His significant contributions have greatly influenced the worldwide adoption of Smart Digital Signage solutions. Currently serving as the CEO of SDS Solutions, he focuses on facilitating data-driven transformations through Visualisation and IoT. Additionally, Bjørn actively contributes as a board member and advisor to multiple organisations, enhancing their data utilisation and digital communication strategies.






Mikael Krogius, CTO of EWQ



Mikael Krogius, an experienced professional with 30 years in the IT industry and a significant position as CTO at EWQ, plays a crucial role in enabling the creation of a highly effective and distinctive microservice architecture. This architecture seamlessly integrates different digital systems, including Digital Signage displays, Electronic Shelf Labels, and Queue Management Systems, to deliver valuable information on digital canvases within the retail environment.








Final Thoughts 

LOOKBEYOND23 is not your average online digital signage event; it is the premier platform for professionals to connect, learn, and thrive, with a special focus on security, technology, and monetization. Don’t miss this opportunity and be part of the digital signage revolution! Register now and join us at LOOKBEYOND23 on November 1st, 2023.