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The members of the GS-Alliance offer multiple digital signage solutions. They design and develop bespoke applications for their clients to run on or with digital signage. They allow businesses to easily and instantly update displays or increase customer engagement with interactive applications. Just to give an example of some applications:

Besides those four core applications, they offer more solutions which will truly be an added value to your business. These applications are:

  • Touch displays
    These displays allow customers to access information, find directions, products, offers and more through touch displays.

  • Proximity sensors
    Mirror displays can switch from an advert to a mirror as a customer approaches, or standard displays can change images as customers walk past.

  • Lift and learn
    Sensors or cameras can be used to force displays to automatically change when a customer picks up an item, to show product information, suggested accessories and more.

  • Mobile connection
    Allow customers to control displays through their mobile phone in a controlled way, or control your businesses displays instantly from a mobile or computer device.

  • NFC readers
    Customers can access personalised offers, a product website, exclusive content, or any other media that can be accessed by URL simply by tapping their phones on an NFC pad.

  • Social Media
    Use consumer generated content to its full potential by displaying it in a dynamic way on your digital signage.