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QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurants which allows restaurants to show dynamic content. This content is likely to change much often. With QSR you can deliver clear and compelling content with integrated digital signage.

Thanks to the powerful and vibrant digital displays of Samsung, the QSR industry is transforming rapidly. Since it’s harder for restaurants to stand oud, they start to rely on Samsung solutions. This is because they offer high quality products and services which helps creating a modern customer experience. Not only does it help to meet the business expectations, it also helps deliver on the most important values to the industry, which are speed an accuracy, maximising profits and a premier brand experience.

Speed and accuracy are two key aspects of success. The QSR solution has the ability to provide customers with their food quickly and correctly. Customers are now able to order their own food via a self-service kiosk, mobile phone or drive-through. Samsung’s displays managed to improve the experience that the customers have by offering them multiple ways to order food.

Maximising profits is possible thanks to the great experience that the customers are having with the Samsung digital displays. The displays are able to impact the revenue because they are able to offer customers customised appetizers, sides and meal orders.

A premier brand experience is what the customers go through when using a QSR solution. Their experience in a shop is determining if they return or not. A strong brand identity and a positive shop experience is what Samsung offers with QSR and will definitely increase the customer’s brand perspective.

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