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Remote Management will save you time and money

You can stay where you are, yet you have full control over all your displays.

  • There is no need to drive all the way to the place where the displays are located.
  • There is no need to run up and down the stairs to check the displays.
  • There is no need to explain someone by phone on how to use the remote control.

Because with Remote Management server you’re in full control of your Samsung Smart Signage displays wherever you are. You have access to the displays remotely, which works better, quicker and more efficient.

MagicINFO, your own CMS or another web application? It’s all possible.
Remote Management comes with MagicINFO Premium, this powerful function allows you to have full control and monitoring of your Smart Signage displays. However, it’s now possible to buy this tool as a separate license,  just for this function of MagicINFO. This license is called the RM Server License. Even if you have your own CMS or web application you can make use of the Remote Management solution. By doing this you will maintain your own narrowcasting platform and enjoy the advantages of the full hardware control from Samsung MagicINFO. Are you curious which options the Remote Management Server offers? Make sure to keep reading.

  1. Hardware setting

By using the RM server, you can set the hardware settings for multiple displays in one go. You can use several settings, such as the timer- and security settings and the fully remote hardware setup. Very convenient when you have multiple displays to manage.

2. Remote control

Thanks to the remote control you can control the display live as you where standing right in front of it. You’ll have access to a fully working online controller. With this, you have access to every part of settings from a distance and you can see what’s displayed. You can determine from miles away what the people next to the displays are seeing, even you skipping through the menu. This powerful feature can save you a lot of money when it comes to control and support.

3. Quick control

Obviously, there are some settings which you use more often than others. For these settings we’ve created the Quick Control. Via Quick Control you can see the most used settings, such as power on/off, panel status, remote control, reboot, volume control and many more. 

4. Software update

Firmware updates from Samsung are a common thing to make sure the displays are performing flawless. Back in the days where you had to stick an USB-stick in the displays, you can now execute these updates from your desk. Manage your display firmware updates via Remote Management server. You can register the firmware and make it pending or even send it live straight away.

5. Statistics

You can keep an eye on the displays judging their performances. Thanks to several reports and statistics which are generated. You can even get a message when a display is switched off, doesn’t show content or gives an error. This allows you to act really quick. The dashboards provide you with a lot of information at once. You can see which displays have connections, which doesn’t, and which are pending.

How does it work?

This service from MagicINFO RM Server works on the Samsung Smart Signage Displays with Tizen (S4+) and SBB/ PIM/ 3rdParty Media Players (Player 1). By buying a RM Server license, you will receive a special license code. This code gives you access to a part of the MagicInfo software and gives you access to your displays wherever you are. You can install the software locally or you can use the RM Cloud solution