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The GSA invites you to an exclusive event.

The GSA invites you to an exclusive event where some of our newest products will be shown. This event will be held at the 3rd of July in Frankfurt. Make sure to read this article to see which products will be brought to this event.

We’re proud to provide to following demonstrations live

  1. MagicINFO 7
  2. Rule Manager( MI+Nexshop)
  3. IOT Behavior sensing (MI+Nexshop)
  4. Brightics AI (MI+Nexshop)

MagicINFO 7 is the newest software to date, with the live demonstration you are immediately able to discover the new features this version offers. MagicINFO 7 offers seamless remote hardware and software management, enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules from any location at any given moment. These are just a few options that MagicINFO 7 offers, all others will be revealed at the event.

Nexshop – Retail analytics is Samsung’s latest product which provides consistent and personalised content based on Data, IOT connectivity and AI based big data analysis. It provides information about stores, which places are visited the most and which needs improvement. A detailed presentation will be held at the event.