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The role of internal communications in making a modern workplace

A job is no longer just a job; for our best work, it has to be more. A job has to give us meaning and be carried out in a place that empowers our every step—that propels us to achieve. But workplace culture wasn’t always as it is today. The 90s movie Office Space helps us understand something of times gone by: bloated computer screens in cubicles attended by gray-eyed workers, aesthetically strict furniture, and stark-white walls and lighting. Thankfully, the workplace has come a long way: from a place of drabness and rehearsed conformity to one of color and creativity. Modern workplaces are designed to support your best work—to inspire, not inhibit, imagination—rather than to guarantee Orwellian obedience.

Modern workplaces are multi-generational, multi-functional, and dynamic: it is a living, breathing space of freely exchanged information and ideas. But creating the perfect modern workplace is not only a lofty, idealist’s goal. Modern, open workspaces bring tangible benefits to those that see their value; such as attracting better talent and facilitating maximal productivity.

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