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About us

The Global Signage Alliance is the global not-for-profit industry trade association dedicated to promoting the different signage solutions that its members offer. The GSA Members, all users of digital signage solutions based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), including MagicINFO, are dedicated to exchanging ideas and sharing information and experiences to promote and increase the adoption of future-proof digital signage solutions.


With a strong participation of key industry stakeholders, including solution providers in the areas of signage as a service, hardware distribution, software solutions, installation, integration and development services, and end-users, the GSA combines the forces of all members to help realize the next generation of digital signage.


Non-profit details:


The Global Signage Alliance (GSA) is registered as a non-for-profit organization with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (number 75089475). The official address of the trade association is Nieuwe Ebbingstraat 42A, 9712 NM Groningen, The Netherlands. Members of the executive committee are Bastiaan Amsing and Mark Ossel.

The Global Signage Alliance Mission

The GSA team works hard toward achieving the nonprofit’s mission: to support the adoption of digital signage solutions around the world based on the Samsung digital signage hardware and software, including but not limited to SSSP, MagicINFO, and VXT. Additionally, the Global Signage Alliance promotes and supports the capabilities of innovative added-value solutions, based on international standards.

Networking Opportunity

Creating Variety of Networking Opportunities for Our Members

Industry Innovation

Our Members are Experts in Samsung Digital Signage Hardware and Software

Knowledge Exchange

A Global Community of Digital Signage Experts Looking to Learn from Each Other

Marketing and Promotion

GSA Members Unite to Promote Worldwide Digital Signage Adoption

GSA Throughout the Years

In a few short years, the Global Signage Alliance has been universally recognised as a leading force in the industry

GSA Timeline 2023
GSA Timeline 2023

The Global Signage Alliance Team

The Global Signage Alliance Board