Global Signage Alliance Partners with Digital Transformation Week USA 2024

In-Person Event | California, USA | 5-6 June, 2024

Digital Transformation Week USA 2024

This year, our team is working harder than ever before to organize a wide range of partnerships with key industry events. The latest to our list of partner events is Digital Transformation Week, a premier event for technology professionals seeking to push the boundaries of digital innovation. This collaboration highlights the significance of bridging strategic insights and cutting-edge technology, essential for navigating the digital landscape. Read until the end to find all the reasons why this is a must-visit event.


Event Details: Digital Transformation Week USA 2024


Founded by TechEx to foster innovation and thought leadership within the digital transformation ecosystem, Digital Transformation Week is a key event for enterprise-level decision-makers. Behind this transformative event is a commitment to not just discuss digital transformation but to empower actionable strategies. Here are more details about Digital Transformation Week:


📛 Event name Digital Transformation Week
📅 Date 5-6 June 2024
📍 Location Santa Clara, California, USA
🖥️ Website
🆓 GSA members get Free tickets for members which includes access to the expo floor + several free tracks*

*Please contact us for more details on how to take advantage of the offer.


With an expectation of 7,000 attendees, this event stands as a crucial convergence for professionals to gain insights into emerging technologies and innovative strategies. Its importance lies in offering a platform for in-depth discussions, learning, and networking opportunities that are pivotal for driving digital advancements across industries. We have also prepared a list of the top reasons to attend Digital Transformation Week in 2024: 

  1. Unparalleled Expert Insights: Hear from over 200 speakers sharing their expertise on crucial digital transformation themes such as AI, big data, and cloud computing.
  2. Comprehensive Learning: Dive into a variety of topics including digital workforces, the future of work, and sustainable technology solutions.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of professionals, from CTOs to directors of business transformation, fostering valuable industry relationships.
  4. Innovative Technology Showcases: Explore 250 exhibitors presenting the latest in digital tech, from AI-powered applications to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.
  5. Exclusive GSA Member Benefits: Enjoy special access and perks, enhancing your event experience and providing added value to your membership.


Digital Transformation Week USA 2024 – A Must-Visit Event


Digital Transformation Week event offers a unique blend of knowledge-sharing, networking, and hands-on learning opportunities that are tailored to help professionals and organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation. As we look forward to Digital Transformation Week USA 2024, it’s clear that the move to digital is vital for many businesses. 


Whether you’re making investment decisions, executing pioneering projects, or looking to drive your organization’s digital culture forward, this event provides the insights, tools, and connections to achieve your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of digital transformation