Global Signage Alliance Partners with EDGE Computing Expo Europe 2023

In-Person Event | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 26th - 27th Sep 2023

EDGE Computing Expo | GSA Partner Event

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the EDGE Computing Expo Europe 2023. Discover the significance of this collaboration and why it’s essential for the digital signage industry. Join us to explore the world of edge computing!


GSA Joins Forces with EDGE Computing Expo Europe

The collaboration between GSA and the EDGE Computing Expo Europe signifies a remarkable union of industry leaders. During the event, one of our newest members, Bjorn Pieper, from SDS Solutions, will be on stage as the moderator on Intelligent Automation – Shaping the Next Generation of Industry. Make sure you go visit the session to get all the scoop on the topic!


Event Details: Mark Your Calendar for a Noteworthy Experience

The EDGE Computing Expo Europe 2023 is set for September 26-27 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This hybrid event, organized by TechEx, explores how edge computing enhances operational efficiency and reduces latency. Don’t miss the chance to boost your edge computing strategy with specialist sessions and insights from industry experts. Find more details about the event in the below table: 


📛 Event name EDGE Computing Expo Europe
📅 Date Sep, 26th – 27th 2023
📍 Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
🖥️ Website 
🆓 GSA members get FREE visitor tickets*

* Please get in touch with our team to get more information.


Attending the EDGE Computing Expo Europe offers a wealth of benefits. Firstly, it provides a unique opportunity to unlock the immense potential of edge computing, gaining insights into its transformative capabilities. Visitors can delve into real-world use cases, gaining practical knowledge and solutions that can be applied in their industries. 


Moreover, the event fosters the optimization of edge computing partnerships, facilitating valuable collaborations. Harnessing AI for edge device performance and mastering the development of cloud-to-edge architectures are also focal points, ensuring attendees leave with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their applications.


Recap: EDGE Computing Expo Europe – A Must-Visit Event

Join us at the EDGE Computing Expo Europe 2023 in Amsterdam on September 26-27. Stay updated on this exciting collaboration and become a GSA member to enjoy exclusive perks, including event discounts. Don’t miss the chance to be at the forefront of edge computing and digital signage innovation


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