CES 2023 Highlights and Things You Might Have Missed

CES 2023 Highlights, Las Vegas Strip

Each year electronics manufacturers from across the globe gather at the CES to launch the newest generation of home electronics, like TVs. Visitors of the event have the chance to take a glimpse into the future thanks to the hundreds of exhibitors showing off the latest concepts and technological advancements in the industry. In this article, we will provide you with some of the main CES 2023 highlights in regard to digital signage.


Samsung’s New 8K UST Projector – Premiere 8K

During CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Samsung announced the launch of an ultra-short throw projector with 8K resolution, called the Premiere 8K. It is the first device to display a picture with a diagonal dimension of 150′′, with 8K ultra-short-throw projectors previously having a maximum image size of 120′′.

Samsung has confirmed that the updated 2020 Premiere 4K will have a built-in Dolby-Atmos sound system and will offer the same TIZEN OS features as its flagship TVs, including Gaming Hub, Art Store, and Health Monitor. The single-box device is intended to sit on a low surface, just a few inches away from a wall or screen.


CES 2023 Innovation Awards

Typically, the awards are covered in secrecy until the event itself, but there are usually hints about who may win or not. This year Samsung’s products received 46 award honors across its range of TVs, smartwatches, smartphones, washing machines, and computers. Sustainability is a key topic at events like the CES, so there is an entire category dedicated to it. This year Ginergy is among the winners for its lithium-ion battery technology.


Web3 and Metaverse at CES 2023 

In 2023, for the first time ever, the CES will feature a special Metaverse area. CES exhibitors will present innovative sensory technology that can be used to create immersive and interactive digital worlds. CoinDesk hosted the industry leaders that explored the most significant advancements that have taken root across industries. Moreover, the Blockchain Association contributed to the Web3 programming program at CES 2023.


About the CES 2023

Each year, the CES takes place in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. This event is the largest technology fair featuring the latest gadgets, VR headsets, robots, smart health devices, and much more. It is a trade-only event, meaning that only professionals working in the consumer electronics sector or media can attend. This rule applies to both the online and offline CES 2023 event.


Popular Questions About CES

We created this article so that digital signage professionals who didn’t have the chance to attend to get the CES 2023 highlights in relation to digital signage. For your convenience, we have also prepared answers to the popular questions about the event.


What Are Some of the CES 2023 Highlights in Relation to Digital Signage?

Some highlights of CES 2023 in relation to digital signage include Samsung’s new 8K ultra-short throw projector and the Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs, as well as the Web3 Studio and Metaverse area featuring immersive, interactive digital technology.


What Are the CES Innovation Awards?

The CES Innovation Awards are annual awards given to products across various categories, such as TVs, watches, computer hardware, smartphones, and washing machines, that showcase technological innovation.


Is CES 2023 Open to the Public?

No, CES 2023 is a trade-only event, meaning it is only open to professionals in the consumer electronics industry or connected media. Both the online and live events are restricted to trade attendees.


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