Corporate Digital Signage & Its Growing Significance in Modern Workplaces

Corporate Digital Signage

Want to boost productivity and easily get important messages across? While emails and corporate intranet alerts can go sometimes unnoticed, digital signage, on the other hand, displays images and videos that are attention-grabbing ensuring everyone stays engaged, included, and in the loop. Along with many other uses, we’ll delve into the rising importance of corporate digital signage and how it serves as a catalyst for modernizing workspace communication.

Business Opportunities

Immerse in an Ultimate Visual Experience:

Corporate digital signage displays elevate board rooms, lobbies, and conference centers. In a corporate setting making a bold statement is essential, and Samsung visualizes these business opportunities really well. It opens doors to impactful communication, heightens brand recognition, and is a compelling way to modernize workspace interactions.

Create Organizations within Your Structure

If you want to take things one step further, consider utilizing MagicINFO’s Organizations feature. You can use this feature to develop different groups within your organization. For instance, you can establish groups for your HR team, another one for the Sales department, and a third one for Customer Service. Tailor it to your organization’s needs. So, if you want you can create groups for each department or location. This can be particularly beneficial for large corporations with multiple brands, offering the possibility to allocate different groups for each brand.

Direct People and Reserve Spaces:

You can use digital signage such as wayfinding and screens to improve internal communication in the office space. With CMS add-ons such as MeetingPoint, a meeting room management solution, developed by one of our founding members, ScreenCom, both you and your team are empowered to simplify scheduling and access real-time conference room availability. This MagicINFO add-on allows you to easily access information about room availability with the glance of an eye – all you need to do is connect it to a public calendar and the schedule will automatically update with the latest details, such as meeting name and duration.


Corporate Digital Signage Display Benefits

By tapping into the potential of corporate digital signage, organizations can unlock various benefits to revolutionize workplace communication as well as strengthen corporate culture. Here we’ll explore some of the advantages of implementing corporate displays:


  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Upscale Collaboration
  • Information Accessibility and Enhanced Communication

Engagement and Motivation

Another valuable use of digital signage in a corporate environment is to encourage teambuilding activities. For example, you can welcome new team members, celebrate team or individual successes, and milestones, or just share beloved memories in communal areas with a fancy digital signage board. Promoting company activities, such as yoga, seminars, and language classes, is yet another great way to connect and motivate employees.


While it’s a quite well-known fact, it’s still worth repeating – employees want to feel valued. Appreciation for their work and commitment will go a long way. Moreover, study findings show that 37% of employees consider recognition the most important in increasing productivity, further proving the importance of engagement and motivation in the workplace.

Promote Collaboration

What better way to show you what we mean than by looking into one interesting example of promoting collaboration in a corporate setting – Handy AV, one of our members, and their project with Gymshark. The company needed custom-made solutions to match its specific objectives; from communicating with its 600+ global employees, all the way through advanced digital collaboration.


Some noteworthy, distinctive works in this project were the dedicated ‘Pods’, which are intended for individual work; these ‘Pods’ are also equipped with video conferencing bars and Samsung commercial screens. Equally intriguing are the collaborative spaces: the ‘Lab’ and the ‘Art and Science’ room. Both spaces feature an interactive video wall, video conferencing, and collaboration software*, further underlining the impact of corporate digital signage.


*Digital workspace software for collaboration enables people to collaborate visually and solve pressing problems faster.


Staying current with changing technologies helps businesses and their employees to better manage their workflow and overall work performance. Using the latest Samsung Flip Display, you can promote collaboration, draw, write, and inspire new ideas in the conference room. All in all, it’s perfect for all types of meetings, training, or group brainstorming.

Information Accessibility and Enhanced Communication

Adapting to new technologies, standing out from the noise, and grabbing audience attention; these are some of the outlined communication challenges in the corporate world by Forbes. In today’s modern workspace communication, corporate digital signage stands out as a dynamic tool for tackling these challenges. For instance, you can install digital signage displays in the communal areas to encourage conversation between colleagues, inspire staff with your company values, or share important updates.


We can see that the transformation of information sharing into a streamlined process enables employees to stay well-informed and also contributes to a more organized and efficient workflow throughout the organization. Furthermore, improving internal communications can be more easily achieved through the means of digital signage as a tool to better get across, reach, and engage audiences inside as well as outside of the organization.

Final Thought on Corporate Digital Signage

As technology continues to reshape how we communicate and collaborate, embracing the potential of digital signage is a strategic move to stay ahead. By effortlessly conveying important messages through attention-grabbing visuals, enhancing team dynamics with interactive displays, and fostering a culture of appreciation, corporate digital signage presents a multi-faceted approach to modernizing workspace communication.


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