Digital Signage in Retail – Revolutionising In-Store Marketing Strategies

Raydiant digital signage solution for Dove

In this constantly evolving world, where tech advancements are everyday news, digital signage is changing the way retailers impact their visitors. Digital signage and retail are almost inseparable. Brick-and-mortar stores take advantage of signage displays to increase revenue, further the shopping experience, and effectively communicate messages. Let’s dig deeper into the various ways digital signage is reshaping the retail industry and how it creates new opportunities for both businesses and shoppers.


Uses of Digital Signage for Retail Shops

Digital signage has proven to be a valuable asset for businesses across various industries, with digital signage benefits increasingly outweighing the associated costs. Here are just a few of the practical uses of digital signage for retail:


  •  Interactive Product Information
  •  Queue Management & Navigation
  •  Real Time Updates & Adjustments
  •  Product Promotion
  •  Brand Engagement


From showcasing stores’ latest products and special offers to interactive maps or guides and driving in-store traffic–these digital signage uses can be customized to fit specific business objectives. But how did brands, such as Dove, cut across the challenges of a saturated market in retail? One of our members, Raydiant recently published a case study that showcases the transformative power of digital signage in an already saturated beauty market. Understanding the challenges brands face trying to convey impactful narratives within physical retail was vital for the success of the digital signage campaign. With the findings from it, we gain insight into how digital signage allows for effective solutions.

Raydiant & Unilever [Dove]

As we noted earlier the beauty sector is quite saturated, the product offering has exploded, resulting in crowded shelves making it more and more difficult for brands to differentiate themselves at the point of sale – the place that matters the most.


Dove, like most brands, was struggling to deliver their most effective storytelling within physical retail as corrugated displays and the small product packaging is heavily limiting the opportunities for personalized information and engagement. Tackling this challenge, they introduced interactive displays–a combination of best practices of both digital and physical shopping–across multiple store locations. Launching their smart shelf end cap led to two main takes:


 ✔ The Right Message At The Right Time Drives Conversion

 ✔ Brand Engagement Through Storytelling


The results were more than promising, showing sales and ‘items per basket’ increases, averaging a 42% sales boost, thanks to the smart shelves and the content showcasing on the screens. This is an example of how despite challenges, digital signage in retail can be utilized to boost engagement and sales significantly.


Benefits of the Samsung Retail Display Solutions

Digital signage in retail brings to life eye-catching imagery while redefining the in-store customer experience to minimize clutter and captivate shoppers’ attention. You can read more about the transformations in the digital signage industry caused by the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), and how it’s shaping the digital signage landscape in this article. SMART technologies, identified in four main categories by Samsung, are explored below giving an understanding of each technology application and how they are connected (refer to Figure 1. where they are visualized).

  • SMART Attraction –  captivates customer’s attention with memorable messaging

To bring the shopping experience to the next level, businesses are placing external signage that is distinctive, engaging, and interesting, alluring people into their stores. Digital signage in the retail industry is also setting the tone of the store, giving shoppers an idea of the brand before they even enter the store.

  • SMART Promotion – delivers outstanding content consumers will remember

Retailers are constantly searching for various, interesting ways to display their offerings, promotions, and products to in-store shoppers to make their experience more memorable.

  • SMART Information –  crafting customizable and detailed content that is delivered clearly and effectively

By wanting to attract new customers and bring back online shoppers, retailers are now enhancing the customers’ in-store experience by providing them helpful reviews during the buying process and building up their knowledge of products.


Various beneficial uses of digital signage for retail:

  • New opportunity for personalized promotional messages;
  • Navigate easily through various venues such as shopping malls, airports, campuses, events, and healthcare centres, among others;
  • Provide helpful information and reviews which enhance shoppers’ experience;
  • Direct customers to specific products, highlight and upsell specific items.


  • SMART Management – is a consolidated management of content and devices

Imagine creating and updating content across multiple displays—across an entire network—using only a single platform. Samsung’s MagicINFO is a content management software that enables users to connect to their digital signage at any time, no matter where they are located. Monitoring displays remotely and customizing the security settings according to the company’s policy are also among the functions provided. For more about the MagicINFO software, and its benefits and uses, check out this article.

Lifestyle Displays, Identified in Four Categories of Samsung’s SMART Technology

Lifestyle Displays, Identified in Four Categories of Samsung’s SMART Technology
Figure 1. Lifestyle Displays, Identified in Four Categories of Samsung’s SMART Technology


Brands often experience difficulties in conveying compelling stories within physical retail giving room for innovations, such as digital signage to solve problems. Particularly ones like low customer engagement, low in-store visits, and unfamiliarity with the brand, amongst others. As we know, the retail landscape is increasingly competitive, and creative solutions, such as digital signage, cannot be overemphasized. More and more businesses are struggling to distinguish themselves from the competition, thereof, in the light of crowded shelves, digital signage becomes a game changer. Nowadays, in-store retailers have opportunities to creatively engage customers with product information, adjust content and provide live updates, interactive wayfinding, and queue management, etc. Brands like Dove showcase that implementing digital signage in retail is showing profitable and drives sales up.


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