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In control of your Smart Signage displays

Manage your hardware settings remotely

You can stay where you are and still have full control over all your displays.

  • There is no need to drive all the way to the display locations.
  • There is no need to run up and down the stairs to check the displays.
  • There is no need to explain to someone by phone on how to use the remote control.

Because with Remote Management server you’re in full control of your Samsung Smart Signage displays wherever you are. You have access to the displays remotely, which works better, more quickly and more efficiently.

MagicINFO, your own CMS or another web application? It’s all possible
Remote Management comes with MagicINFO Premium, this powerful function allows you to have full control and monitoring of your Smart Signage displays. However, it’s now also possible to buy this tool as a separate license, just for this function of MagicINFO. This license is called the RM Server License. So, even if you have your own CMS or web application you can still make use of the Remote Management solution. This allows you to maintain your own narrowcasting platform and enjoy the advantages of the full hardware control of Samsung MagicINFO. Are you curious which options the Remote Management Server offers? Make sure you keep reading.

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