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SATIS 5-6 Nov, Paris | Screen4All

5 and 6 November – Paris
A 5000 m² exhibition – 3 Halls, more than 150 exhibitors and partners…

Paris, October 7, 2019 – Video, interactivity, automation… The evolution of technologies offers unexpected communication and collaboration opportunities to companies and institutions by transforming the use of screens, video projectors, interactive boards… To support the redefinition of display terminals new value uses and the continuous increase of AV, SATIS is hosting the Audiovisual Integration for the second year in a row… 

Visitors to the SATIS-Screen4All will be able to find several major players regarding digital signage and videoprojection in the exhibition space. Conferences and Technological Workshops will also help to understand the potential of the new generations of display, collaboration and projection tools and to discover user cases… 

Tuesday, November 5  – Automation, audiovisual and new challenges – 4:30 / 5:30 Techno workshop: Automation tools that can be found everywhere have for many years become a must in the audiovisual industry. You can find them in museums, meeting and training rooms, but also on TV sets to manage virtual sets. As technology evolves, how does automation take its place with networks? Pre-configured systems? And, what do the new entrants technically offer compared to the historical manufacturers? Animator: Antoine Grube 

Video – ultimate media – From 3:00 till 4:00 – Video is THE growth driver of social networks and more broadly of the entire Internet landscape. How to make a lot of noise with few video means? What are the limits to produce yourself? A panorama that aims to capture the diversity of experiences… Moderator: François Abbe 

**** Visitor registration is open and admission is free! ****

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