Samsung VXT: The Latest from ISE 2024

Samsung VXT: The Latest from ISE 2024

ISE is one of the busiest and most exciting digital signage shows in Europe and the world which made it the perfect place for Samsung to bring VXT to the global stage. Thanks to our strong partnership with the industry leader, we had the opportunity to attend the exclusive invite-only presentation by Alex Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business, where he shared the vision for the newest content management system. Read the full article and find out what to expect from Samsung’s VXT after ISE2024

VXT: The Newest Digital Signage Solution

Samsung’s ambition for VXT is to make it accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Alex Lee, corporate EVP from Samsung HQ, highlighted during the conference this shift towards a more versatile approach to digital signage solutions.

Cloud-Native Innovation

VXT distinguishes itself by being cloud-native rather than only cloud-hosted. This is due to Samsung’s commitment to leverage modern computing architectures and make a platform that offers agile, scalable, and robust solutions. 

Comprehensive Functionality

The platform’s comprehensive suite of features extends beyond content creation and management. VXT also offers remote device management capabilities, making it the perfect tool for businesses that strive to upgrade their digital signage strategies. Its device-agnostic nature further ensures that the CMS can serve a broad spectrum of users, from small local businesses to large multinational corporations.

Expanding Market Reach

One of Samsung’s primary goals with VXT is to tap into the SMB market. However, the ambition doesn’t stop there; the company also targets the Fortune 500 market, which it views as underserved in digital signage solutions. By catering to such a broad market spectrum, Samsung aims to significantly expand its influence and presence in the industry.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Vision

During the conference, Samsung talked about its collaborative approach by introducing Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS). These partnerships allow third-party providers to improve the VXT platform’s functionality and offer specialized apps and services.

GSA Members Partnering With Samsung on VXT

We’re thrilled to spotlight some of our Global Signage Alliance (GSA) members who have embraced the partnership with Samsung’s VXT platform. The technological advances and best practices of these organizations have laid a foundation for the digital signage industry, which leads to raising industry standards and offering opportunities for association among our diverse global community.

Wisar Digital – Link My Pos

We’re excited about the collaboration between Wisar Digital and Samsung’s VXT platform, bringing the innovative Link My POS system into the digital signage world. This integration means effortless updates for digital menus and promotions, leveraging real-time POS data for accuracy and efficiency. Wisar Digital’s integration exemplifies how VXT’s flexibility serves the quick-service restaurant sector, offering a glimpse into the future of seamless digital solutions.

EWQ – Queue Management Integration

EWQ’s collaboration with Samsung VXT introduces a specialized Queue Management System solution, marking them as one of the initial partners to implement a PIRS app with VXT. This partnership emphasizes EWQ‘s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art, efficient solutions to clients worldwide, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency through digital innovation.

ScreenCom’s Support for Samsung VXT

ScreenCom stands out as an authorized partner of Samsung Electronics, championing the VXT platform’s potential. They offer comprehensive support, combining expertise, empathetic service, and cutting-edge technology to deliver a world-class customer experience. With ScreenCom, businesses can fully leverage Samsung VXT to achieve more through effective communication, backed by over a decade of experience in digital signage solutions.

Looking Ahead: A Unified Digital Signage Ecosystem

As Samsung continues to roll out VXT globally, the platform’s cloud-native foundation and open ecosystem for third-party integration position Samsung as a visionary leader that is aiming to shape the future direction of digital signage solutions significantly. Putting emphasis on seamless integration, scalability, and innovation opens opportunities for businesses and content creators alike to foster a more connected, efficient, and interactive digital signage ecosystem. 


This approach will certainly transform public spaces, retail environments, and corporate settings. As we move forward, Samsung’s commitment and collaboration with the Global Signage Alliance highlights the strategic vision that will continue to drive the industry forward, setting new standards for what is possible.